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How to get started

  • Check out the guidelines given by our contributors.
  • Fill out our online form to become contributors or write for us.
  • Also, ensure you can share the following information with our team.
      • Your name and contact number
      • Link to website or URL of blogs you have worked on
      • 3 samples of your written content

Once you complete the online form and share related information with our team, we will contact you soon. Our team is already getting bundles of requests regularly. Therefore, please be patient and wait for our response. We will definitely contact you and equip you with a positive response.

Content Guidelines for write for us Transportation

Articles or blogs you submit on our website should be helpful for the readers of Truckin 24/7. We always promote innovative ideas, new information, advanced topics, and the latest market trends. Furthermore, we never target content marketing, but we encourage our readers to stick to our website by providing high-quality content. Let’s explore what we want from you if you’re going to write a guest post for our truck-dispatching website.


Factors You Must Consider

  • Meta Title
  • Meta Description (150-160 characters)
  • Title (H1)
  • Introduction (120-150 words)
  • Content with headings and subheadings (H2, H3, H4,…)
  • Related images and screenshots
  • Tables, figures, and facts.
  • Content in editable format
  • Guest Author photo
  • Guest Author short bio


Original and Accurate Information

Whatever you submit on our website must be authentic, original, and accurate. A trucking guest post or any other content written by AI or plagiarized blogs or articles will be sent to the investigation department.

In case of negativity from your side, we will remove all your content and ban you from our website. Furthermore, paraphrasing is prohibited if you want to write for our website.


Considerations for CTA

Acceptable CTA

  • CTA like Download our online form, guide, report, white paper, eBook
  • Inviting people for registration to attend our industry event
  • Insist on calling for a free demo. Remember to link it with the signup page or contact us page)
  • CTA with an external link

Non-acceptable CTA

  • CTA insisting on following us on social media
  • Calling readers to subscribe to our channel or newsletter
  • Mentioned contact information to invite people to contact us.


Ready to Publish Content Submission

We receive 100s of posts daily. Moreover, we do not have time to review each one and do editing before posting. It is your responsibility to submit a Ready-to-Publish post.

Undoubtedly, we edit blogs with minor changes, but sorry for those needing multiple changes. So, make sure you submit a final document to our team. It will save both your and our time and energy.

What about Link Guidelines?

Acceptable Link

  • Link with relevant articles and blog posts
  • Data or research-based link
  • Source that is actually helpful for the reader Internal link

Non-acceptable Link

  • Affiliate link
  • Link with company social profile
  • Dual linking with the same keyword

Content Guidelines for write for us Transportation

Unlike other websites, Truckin 24/7 offers blog submissions differently. If you want to write for us, you will send your blog through email. Our team will review your blogs and publish them directly on our website.

Our Writing Principles

Writers at our company use “second person pronouns (you/yours)” to directly engage our readers.

We write direct content without puzzling our readers.

Our team always writes content in a positive tone and words. Furthermore, our experts try to avoid words like “No”, “Not”, “Less”, etc.

We use reality-based content and solve the problems of our readers through informative blogs.

We expect you to make eye-to-eye contact with our readers through the quality of content.

Always use easy words and short sentences so our readers understand what you want to deliver.

We write blog posts in the present tense.

Our writers also share their opinions based on industry knowledge to clear the confusion in your minds.

Frequently Ask Question

You can write about truck dispatching, their cost, factors affecting logistic solutions, and related topics.

Once we have reviewed your articles and ensured that they satisfy all our principles, we will give them. It can take around 24-48 hours.

You can write for us Movers, Dispatching, Shipping, Logistics, Moving, and you can also write for us transportation.

We prefer blogs of 800 to 2500 words.