Over the Road Trucking

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What We Offer to Our Clients

We warmly welcome you on our service page where we offer our clients over the road trucking services. At Truckin’ 24/7, we provide transportation services for big trucks that travel long distances. Our job is to deliver goods and products to different places efficiently and on time. We have a team of skilled drivers who operate the trucks safely. Likewise, our team ensures that our clients’ items are transported securely and reach their destinations without problems.

To Whom We Deliver Over the Road (OTR) Trucking

We are second t no one. At Truckin’ 24/7, we deliver our OTR trucking services to various industries that rely on transporting goods across long distances. Some of the industries we work with include retail, manufacturing, agriculture, and construction. Our working strategy involves carefully planning routes, ensuring timely deliveries, and maintaining the safety of the cargo. Our company has a dedicated team of experienced drivers who can efficiently handle large trucks. We are also trained to follow traffic rules and regulations. Our crew prioritizes communication with our clients to understand their specific needs so that we can provide them with reliable transportation solutions.

Get the Benefits of Our OTR Trucking Services

There are many benefits to using our OTR trucking services with our over the road trucks. First, we specially designed our trucks to carry large loads. In our huge containers, we make sure the safety of your goods. Second, our experienced drivers are skilled in navigating various road conditions. They know how to ensure a smooth journey for your items. Lastly, by using our services, you can focus on your business while we care for your transportation needs.

Sub-services of Our Over the Road Trucking Services

As an over the road trucking company, we offer several sub-services to fulfill our client’s needs. First, we provide long-haul transportation and deliver goods across different states or even the entire country. Next, we offer expedited services for urgent shipments that must reach their destination quickly. Likewise, we provide specialized transportation for oversized or delicate items. Our experts take special safety precautions for fragile products. Lastly, we offer temperature-controlled transportation for goods that require specific temperature conditions during transit.

Full Truckload (FTL)

The FTL method involves using an entire truck to safely transport clients’ goods from one place to another.

Less than Truckload (LTL)

In the Less Than Truckload method, our team transports small goods from different clients in a single truck.

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Our Refrigerated Over the Road Transit Services

Our Refrigerated Over Road Transit Services involve transporting goods that require specific temperature control during transportation. We use specially designed refrigerated over the road trucks to ensure the freshness and safety of perishable foods and pharmaceuticals.

Our over the road trucking company equips its refrigerated trucks with advanced cooling systems to carry out this task. These cooling systems help in regulating and maintaining the desired temperature throughout the journey. Our drivers are trained to monitor and adjust the temperature settings as needed. Simply put, we ensure that your goods remain in optimal condition throughout the transit.

The benefits of our refrigerated services are significant. First, our team assists to prevent product spoilage and maintain the quality of perishable items. Second, our temperature-controlled transportation helps to preserve the effectiveness of temperature-sensitive medications and vaccines.

Furthermore, our containers allow entrepreneurs to expand their reach by safely delivering goods on time. By utilizing our refrigerated over the road transit services, our clients can have peace of mind. We promise them the safe transportation and delivery of their temperature-sensitive products.

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Our Heavy Haul Over the Road Transit Services

We understand that regular trucks cannot handle heavy items. Therefore, we offer our Heavy Haul Over the Road Transit Services for moving really big and heavy products. These products could be construction machines, oversized equipment, or even big structures.

To do this, we use special trucks that are really strong and tough enough to carry the weight and size of these things. Our drivers are trained to handle these heavy loads carefully. During transit, we make sure of the loading and the security of everything for safe transportation. We also get the necessary permits and follow rules for moving really big loads.

Our heavy haul services have lots of benefits for our clients. First, we have the right equipment and know-how to transport these big items safely. Second, we support enterprises to move their equipment efficiently and save them from making multiple trips or taking things apart. Also, we make sure deliveries are on time, so projects can stay on schedule.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

>Our unique working strategies and patterns set us apart in the market. The main attributes of our OTR transit services are;
  • Complete logistics management
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • GPS tracking
  • Comprehensive Insurance
The following are the essential factors that play significant roles in fixing the cost of OTR dispatch services;
  • Distance traveled
  • Weight of the shipment
  • Fuel prices
  • Route and accessibility
  • Type of cargo
  • Delivery timeline
  • Equipment requirements
  • Additional services
  • Market demand

We offer our services to a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, agriculture, construction, and more. We help to transport goods for businesses in different sectors across the country.

Getting started with Truckin’ 24/7 is easy! Simply contact our team through our website or give us a call. We will discuss your transportation needs, provide you with information about our services, and guide you through the process of getting started with us.

Our turnaround time depends on various factors such as the distance, size of the shipment, and specific requirements. We stay energetic to provide quality and timely delivery. Also, our team will provide you with an estimated turnaround time based on your needs.