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How Should you Transport a Load on a Flatbed Trailer?

Flatbed trailers are used to carry a heavy amount of material. The loading of a flatbed trailer is very tricky and needs some techniques and knowledge. This blog discusses the techniques to load a flatbed trailer and the safety guidelines.

What is Flatbed Trailer?

Flatbed Trailer

It is the type of trailer that has no side or roof. Flatbed trailers are used to carry the heavy machinery used in construction or road repair. Flatbeds are made of steel material and carry heavy weight. It is available in every size and shape.

Types of flatbed:

There are different types of flatbeds. The loading a flatbed trailer is used according to the size and weight of the material. Some types of flatbeds are given below.

Standard flatbed trailer:

Standard Flatbed Trailer

It is the everyday use of flatbeds to carry the material. Stander flatbeds are used to carry the construction material and machinery. It is very easily available at cheap cost. The general measurement of this flatbed is 48 to 53 feet long,8.5 feet wide,5 feet tall,42 to 60 inches high, and it has 48,000 lbs weight capacity.

Lowboy flatbed trailer:

This type of flatbed is used for the heavy material. It is very safe and easily carries heavy machinery. Lowboy trailer is made of steel and aluminum. The size of the lowboy trailer changes according to the needs of the material.

Lowboy flatbed trailer

Stretch single drop deck:

Stretch single drop is the updated version of the deck trailer. It is used for oversized items. The maximum size is 63 feet long and up to 10 feet tall.

Stretch single drop deck

Removable gooseneck trailer:

It is used for the oversize and heavyweight. It is the secure type of flatbed trailer that improves the loading capacity. It is used for those items that are very difficult to placable.

Removable gooseneck trailer

Extendable flatbed trailer:

Extendable flatbed trailers are similar to other flatbed trailers, but they have a sliding mechanism that can extend the length of the cargo bed.

Extendable flatbed trailer

Pre-Transport Preparation:

Before loading a  trailer, check some critical points like cleaning of flatbed and checking that it works well or has some issues. Here, we suggest the method of how to load a flatbed trailer. These methods are given below.

Trailer Inspection:

The flatbed has no roof or side, so before loading the material, check it properly. In the inspection of the trailer, follow this checklist:

  • Check the machinery of the construction or other material
  • Check the mechanism system of the trailer to see if it is working well or needs some repairing.
  • Check the tire of the flatbed trailer.
  • If some part of the machinery is damaged, write a report and send it to the authority.
  • Take a picture of the trailer at all points.
  • The material will be properly fixed with the trailer.

Load Assessment:

The assessment of loading a flatbed trailer is very important and ensures the material’s and driver’s security. For the load assessment, follow these points.

The load should be fixed in the trailer’s center because it makes balance.

A maximum of 46,000 to 48,000 pounds can to loaded in the flatbed. So load flatbed according to it.

Balance the load according to the weight of the material and flatbed types.

Securing Equipment:

The security of the equipment is very important. For the security of material, different equipment uses are given below.

  • Flatbed Tarps: They protect the material from rain, dust and other weather damage. It is available in a waterproof sheet.
  • Straps: We use straps that hold the material to protect the material. It is available in different styles and types, like Ratchet Straps and winch stipes. These stripes are used according to the need of loading material.
  • Corner And Edge Protector: Some material types are sensitive and easily breakable. The protector is used to save the material from damage. It is fixed on the side and edge of the flatbed trailer.
  • Chain and binder: Another piece of equipment used to protect loading material is a chain and binder. It ties the loading material. The chain and the binder change according to the load of material. The tire of the trailer ties with the chain because it helps to hold the grip and control.

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Loading Techniques:

Flatbed Trailer Loading Techniques

We suggest techniques if you are looking at how to strap down a load on a flatbed trailer. Loading takes time to process. It takes time and technique. During load, the security purpose of the material and driver is essential. Here, we suggest some techniques that help load flatbeds.

Weight Distribution:

Before loading the trailer, focus on the angles of the flatbed and material. 60 percent material is placed on the front and 40 percent on the back side of the trailer.

Tarping and Covering:

Cover the material with a tarp. Tarp protects the loading material from rain, dust and all weather effects. Moreover, the tarp is waterproof and protects the material from sunlight. Before delivering the trailer, tarp the material.

Process of Tarping:

  • Distribute the load according to the balance and trailer.
  • Select a tarp according to the loading material.
  • Star tarping from the backside of the load.
  • Check the security of the tarp.

Securing the Load:

The security of the loading is very important. For the security of the load here, we suggest some techniques.

  • Use equipment according to the needs of loads.
  • Tie the load two or three times because if hold the material properly.
  • Cover your load with a tarp or net.
  • Check your load and make sure it is according to the requirements.

Choosing the Right Tie-Down:

For the tie of the load, choose the right equipment. The equipment is according to the need of material and tie it well.

Securing Points:

Check all securing points like balance, fix the security lock, exit and entering points and cargo points.

Tightening and Checking

The load is appropriately tightened and fixed. Follow the steps on how to strap down a load on a flatbed trailer and check the weight of the material.


In this blog, we discuss the introduction of flatbed trailers, their types and how to load a flatbed trailer. Flatbeds are used to carry the heavyweight. Here, we also discuss some techniques to load the trailers that will be helpful for you.

Frequently Ask Question:

What types of cargo can I transport on a flatbed trailer?

The flatbed trailer is used to load construction material. The material and machinery related to the construction are transported by the flatbed.

What are the weight limits for flatbed trailers?

The flatbed carries the 48000 pounds to 68000-pound weight.

How do I secure a load on a flatbed trailer?

Different equipment is used to secure the loading material, such as tarps, Ratchet straps, Winch straps, Bungee straps and chains.

Do I need a permit for transporting oversized loads?

Yes you need a permit for transporting oversized loads. The government issues this permit.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when loading a flatbed trailer?

Some common mistakes occur to loading a flatbed trailer; here are the techniques to avoid these mistakes.

  • Check the load’s weight
  • Inspect the trailer’s efficiency
  • Provide safety instructions.

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